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East Coast Lot & Pavement Maintenance is one of the largest and most comprehensive landscaping companies in the Northeast. Our team has years of experience maintainting aesthetically pleasing, high quality landscapes, and we are dedicated to making sure your unique needs are met. Our team is confident our services can ease the burden of maintaining your property while providing cost-effective solutions. Our landscaping experts are available for consultation, and will work with you every step of the way, from meeting with you to understand your needs to designing a program to fit within your budget.


Whether you need a weekly or bi-weekly service, we’ll design a maintenance plan tailored to your budget, while keeping your landscape looking its best. Our maintenance services include mowing, edge trimming, debris clean up and bed weeding.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Landscaped areas are especially messy in the spring and fall. We remove any leaves, branches and other debris from these areas, edge the beds and trim back perrenial plants to provide a clean, neat appearance to your landscape while preparing it for the growing and dormant seasons.


Proper mulching prevents weed growth, maintains moisture levels and promotes better soil conditions to provide optimum growing conditions for your trees and shrubs. Our team uses the most cost-effective materials available to meet all of your mulching needs.


Proper pruning enhances the beauty of any landscape, while improper pruning can ruin or greatly reduce its potential. Our team adheres to pruning best practices to give you strong, healthy, attractive trees and shrubs that will make your property look its best.

Lawn Care

A dense, green, weed-free lawn adds aesthetic value to your property. Our experts can design a maintenance program to improve the health and vigor of your turf that fits within your budget.

Irrigation Maintenance

We specialize in the ongoing maintenance and repair of your commercial irrigation system needed to keep your landscape healthy and green. Our full-service irrigation services include evaluating your property to ensure proper coverage and water flow.

Plant Replacement

Landscape looking a little spotty? After a dry summer or long winter, bushes, trees, flowers and other plants often require replacing. Let us do the work for you and make your property look better than ever.


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